Sunday 29 March 2015

The War of Freedom: Fashion & The Tehran Times

The War of Freedom is taking place on so many fronts. Here is a marvellous introduction to The Tehran Times by MessyNessy:  

Saturday 14 March 2015

Friday 13 March 2015

Australia's Left: "The Islamic State is no worse than Capitalism"

Michael Moore does not write for Crikey but he is good enough - I promise you - to join the team 

The folks at the Crikey newsletter are perhaps the most cutting-edge comedians of the day. I enjoy their work very much, although maybe not exactly in the way they intend. This kind of work is beyond funny:

Abu Abdullah al Australi: What a disgrace!

Courtesy of The Long War Journal:   

Jake Bilardi (aka Abu Abdullah al Australi) was a menace to the peace-loving people of Iraq and a dupe of the Khmer Rouge-like Islamic State - oh, and a disgrace to Australia:

Sunday 8 March 2015

How the Sydney Morning Herald boosts PM Abbott's popularity

Now the SMH is probably doing more for Tony Abbott's resurgent popularity than his own Facebook site  

Of course this is not the SMH's intention but that's the consequence of their "stories". PM Abbott has learnt how to play SMH editors/journalists for suckers, only they don't know it. Well done, Lisa Cox. Well played, Tony Abbott: 

Friday 6 March 2015

Spitting on the Anzacs: Salisbury Review, Spring 2015

The online address for the Salisbury Review

The start of the Gallipoli campaign on April 25 1915 might not have been a pivotal moment in the Great War but most, though not all, Australians and New Zealanders are emotionally invested in this year’s hundredth anniversary of that first landing at Anzac Cove. Some of us have personal reasons to reflect on an operation that ended in December of that year with none of the objectives of the Allied Powers achieved. My own maternal grandfather, James Robertson (1894-1955), turned twenty-one on April 25 when he came ashore at Gallipoli. That makes the event part of our family legend but for many Australians this ultimately futile military operation signifies the improbable first chapter of a coming-of-age tale for our nation.

Year Zero versus 8th Century BC in Nimrud

One of the Nimrud ivories

The Islamic State continues on the path of ideological purity:

The Islamic Republic versus the Islamic State?

Here is the latest on the Battle of Tikrit:
And here:

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Dr Simon Longstaff & the most ridiculous article of March 2015

Congratulations to Dr Simon Longstaff. I shall leave it to the reader to work out why the title above might be appropriate. Hats off, as well, to Matt Golding's ridiculous cartoon that accompanies the essay:

President Obama backs the Islamic Republic in existentialist war against the Islamic State. Good one!

Joint session of the Congress of the United States

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the US Congress and exposes Barack Obama for the dangerous fraud he is. Here is Daniel Greenfield:

Sunday 1 March 2015

How PM Abbott's stunning recovery proves he's actually dead!

In one way, at least, I feel sorry for progressive/soft-leftists in Australia. They have to put their faith in progressive/soft-leftist whose punditry usually turns out be nonsense. These same characters are contemptuous of a self-identified conservative journalist like Andrew Bolt but he always seems to get the last laugh. Check out these links from today:
And this: