Thursday 29 December 2016

How Turkey treats famous novelists like Asli Erdoğan

Asli Erdoğan
How shocking this is: 

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Iranian dissidents write to President-elect Trump

President Obama studiously ignored Iranian dissidents; maybe President-elect Trump will listen:

Sunday 25 December 2016

Operation Euphrates Wrath

The bestial rule of the Islamic State in Raqqa could soon be coming to an end    

The YPJ (Women's Protection Units) have played an important role in the increasingly successful Operation Euphrates Wrath:

Vale George Michael (1963-2016)

Wikipedia on George Michael:

Once upon a time - around 1984 - George Michael was my favourite living musical performer (John Lennon having died in 1980). I particularly liked the song by Wham! called "Freedom". It was a good listen then and a good listen now. A lot happened since those days, and I am not sure George Michael himself took those lyrics seriously, but maybe he should have:
Here's a different film clip - based around their tour of China in the mid-1980s - of the same song: This setting, of course, gives another meaning to the song.      

Thursday 22 December 2016

Habid Dabashi's slur: Zionism and anti-Semitism are related

Hamid Dabashi is a professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University (Seriously?)

Could Hamid Dabashi really be a professor at Columbia University? The argument mounted in Dabashi's "indepth opinion" for the Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece Aljazeera is based upon the Holocaust Inversion slur - i.e., that the modern-day State of Israel has real and/or allegorical connections with anti-Semitism. My refutation of this malicious lie is to be found in this educational work unit: Educators are free to use this unit, although it is nice to be informed when and if they do.   

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Erdogan continues to burn down the house

Erdogan is destroying Turkey

If Erdogan is a "populist" then he must be the totalitarian version of a populist in the tradition of Mussolini and Hitler: He will "unite" Turkey only by turning on the secularists, the Kurds and unorthodox Muslims. His medium-term goal has always been to destroy parliamentary democracy in the Republic of Turkey. He is succeeding:

Tuesday 13 December 2016

"The future of feminism" now plays the victim card

Camille Paglia: "Madonna is the future of feminism" (1990)

If you read between the lines of this YouTube piece you will see why Madonna, who was given an academic/intellectual boost by Camille Paglia in the early days of Madonna's career, has now turned on Paglia. Paglia loved Madonna and what she represented. She said so much about her at the time. But Paglia, though a lifelong Democrat, was weary of the feminist movement turning into an arm of the Democratic Party & PC rectitude. Now Madonna has become 'political' in the narrow, pro-Democratic Party sense, it is only logical for her to turn against Paglia. Shame. Camille Paglia is is right to defend herself: It is travesty that the Madonna we knew is now playing the victim card. 

Trump = Economic Nationalism NOT White Nationalism

Here is  great article on the subject written by James McCann ages ago: 

Here is a prescient blog by me ages ago:

Saturday 10 December 2016

Say it ain't so Stephen Colbert

Hard-hitting satirical Stephen Colbert tells it like it is (or maybe not) 

Stephen Colbert tells truth to power or is it sucks up to power?

Friday 9 December 2016

President Obama & the Eternal Blame Game

Every new development of International Jihad has come as a total surprise for the 44th President 

Barack Obama is always blaming somebody for his endless mistakes:

This is not fake!

Newsweek does not do Fake News

Hillary Clinton has just insinuated (to put it nicely) that "Fake News" might have cost her the 2016 election. The sites of Fake News, we might assume, include Drudge ReportBriebart, Fox News and Gateway Pundit. Clinton insisted that her claim was nothing more than an objective observation: "This is not about politics or partisanship." She is 180 degrees wrong. Briebart etc are not the purveyors of Fake News but political and partisan media outlets. They are no different from CNN, Time, NewsweekMNBC, Huffington Post or the Guardian, to name just six "progressive" sites. They did not get the whole US election wrong because they are "fake" but because they are ideological. Right now, I should think, every prominent media outlet, Left or Right, is political and partisan, though some offer space for a contrarian voice. The trick, for the consumer of the site's point of view, is to realise that media outlets are political and partisan before reading their opinion. Here, for instance, is somebody in the Guardian explaining Hillary's "Fake News" accusation: It is basically sympathetic, which is fine if you build that into your reading. For instance, it leaves out the fact that Hillary Clinton of "right-wing conspiracy" fame would say that, wouldn't she? And particularly about the Drudge Report because Drudge was right about Monica all those years ago when Clinton first used the expression "right-wing conspiracy". Here, to give a very different point of view, is a story I have lifted from the Drudge Report
Here is another piece that is interesting on the "Fake News" of Vladimir Putin interfering in the US election:
Fake News, apparently, is in the eye of the beholder.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Three tragedies at the New York Times

The first tragedy is that the delusional Christopher Suprun would take it up himself to betray the voters of Texas. The second tragedy is that the New York Times would publish Christopher Suprun's "op ed". The third tragedy is all the lefty commentators at the end of the piece who are so full of hubris they no longer believe that the voters in Texas should be allowed to have their votes count:   

Update: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Monday 5 December 2016

Mark Steyn: "Make Kellogg's gr-rr-rr-rr-rreat Again!"

Here is Mark Steyn on the Kellogg's boycott:

I hope don't sound immodest, but this is Mark Steyn mentioning me four years ago: Admittedly, it was on account of yours truly giving his After America a lengthy and favourable review:

Friday 2 December 2016

The ABC and I

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as I argued yesterday in A spittoon's worth of bigots, is not racist: The problem with the ABC is its bohemian-style socialism - that is, its ideology. Some will want to argue that a consequence of its identitarian ideology is racism but that, as I say in the article, is to borrow from the PC playbook. You call me a racist and I call you a New Racist and there is the end of the discussion across the great divide.

It also does not get to the root of the problem which, again, is ideological. This morning I looked up something I wrote about the ABC in June 2015 for Quadrant Online, titled The ABC's Distorting Prism, and found it was consistent with yesterday's piece:

An interesting - though not necessarily connected - development occurred not so long after that article appeared in June 2015. An editor at the ABC's Drum Online invited me to contribute a piece to his site. A number of the resultant articles are collected here:

I found all the editors and line-managers involved very professional and polite. We all sensed, I assume, that giving me a voice on the ABC was a win-win. I got to speak to a different audience (often but not always antagonistic) and the ABC showed its "diversity" policy stretched to providing a forum for the occasional libertarian-conservative. Alas, in the middle of 2016 someone higher up at the ABC - not anybody I worked with - decided that the days of hosting contesting opinions at Drum Online were over, confirming my argument about the ABC made back in December 2013:

The solution is simple: the ABC can prove it believes in ideological and intellectual diversity by finding a forum for a contrarian like me. There is my challenge to Aunty.


Thursday 1 December 2016

A spittoon's worth of bigots

Here is my latest article: 

Erdogan's invasion of Syria will have catastrophic consequences...for Turkey

There are too many balls in the air in Syria:

Obama excludes Turkey from Raqqa operation

Only when it is almost too late does President Obama appear to realise that Turkey is less freedom's friend than its enemy:

The Britishness of Australia, Salisbury Review, Winter 2016

Here is 'The Britishness of Australia', my article in the just issued Winter 2016-17 edition of the Salisbury Review

There is nothing more traditional than an agricultural show in an Australian town, and nothing more British than a horse showing event. It’s a 3-ply-wool jacket and always the right handkerchief in the right pocket, even if the day’s a scorcher and birds are dropping from the sky. The accents of the competitors are broad Australian but the saddles are handmade English leather; the boots, the jodhpurs, the breeches all imported from Old Blighty. Even the riding ponies have their origins in England, with bloodlines that can be traced back to the original homeland. You might call it ‘Hot Britain’, although these days things have become a little more complicated in the Land of Oz.