Saturday 26 November 2016

The content of her character

Hillary Clinton making her fake concession speech 

Surely,  even if you thought Donald J. Trump had a character problem, you now realise that Hillary Clinton's character is catastrophic:

Castro dead: Cuba's nightmare draws closer to an end

The two of them nearly turned the Cold War into Armageddon in 1962

Here is a surprisingly sharp summary of the life of a communist dictator:

Wednesday 23 November 2016

A Trump administration would be wise to keep Muslim Brotherhood's Erdogan at arm's length

Hopefully President-elect Trump will not repeat the same mistake as President Obama and treat Islamist Turkey as an ally:
The "genius" of Barack Obama is to back both Turkey and the "moderate terrorists" of northern Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces, enemy of Turkey and the "moderate terrorists" of northern Syria: American foreign policy cannot get any more stupid than that can it? 

Monday 21 November 2016

Long live the Great Bohemian Cultural Revolution!

Afore ye go...

Actors have a right to say whatever they want: That said, perform your play for a paying audience and then get out of their face. Soviet actors would have loved the American possibility of putting on a show without having to bend the knee to a totalitarian ideology. Art for art's sake! Now these particular American actors can't stop themselves from giving an audience the benefit of their soft-totalitarian PC ideology. Besides, if you can't make your point with your art form  - be it poetry, music, fiction or whatever - don't delay us from the fresh air with your prosaic explanations. Last year I watched the NT's "live" version of Hamlet at a local cinema before vainly attempting to escape as Benedict Cumberbatch hectored us, post-production, with his views on the state of the world. Save it for the Graham Norton Show, my friend. While we're at it, here's a review of Cumberbatch's performance (before the hectoring):         

The Return of Tony Blair? Yeah?

Some mischievous tabloids are suggesting that Blair might be returning to British politics:

 Here is my 2011 review of Tony Blair's autobiography:

The final paragraph of my review summarises the hurdle Tony Blair would have to jump were he to return to domestic politics:  "The dream has soured for the man who once upon a time was as popular as Princess Diana. At this moment, in his book, it seems a little churlish not to feel sorry for him. But maybe our sympathy is better spent on the nation he misruled for ten long years."

Sunday 20 November 2016

God bless the Kurds

The Cross returns to Bashiqa in northern Iraq

The return of Christianity to Bashiqa is a wonderful moment to cherish in the War of Freedom:

The Times of Israel Muddle

The next US ambassador to Israel?

I have found The Times of Israel an interesting read during the US election cycle. So often a columnist or an associated blogger blasts the populist insurrection in America as a scapegoating, bullying and intolerant phenomenon reminiscent of the brownshirts. Here is the latest instalment from Aliva Gersh:

On the other hand, every day brings news of more pro-Israel decisions coming out of DC:


I would recommend, with all modesty, that those who believe Trump = intolerant = fascist = Nazi might read this article:

And for those who believe that PC rectitude will keep everybody safe, maybe this article:

And, also, for anyone who still thinks President Obama has had a helpful foreign policy:

Finally, maybe this:

Saturday 19 November 2016

Erdogan & Mordor

Read this latest shocking development in Erdogan's Turkey:

You say goodbye and I say hello

Lennon & McCartney  

Politically speaking, at least, John Lennon was always ahead of the curve, with Paul McCartney valiantly trying to catch up. Well, 48 years later Paul has finally caught up...only to find the caravan has moved on.

Goodbye 1968:

Hello 2016:

While we're at much did Paul McCartney (illegally?) pay to dance with Hillary Clinton in August of this year?

Is the half-century-old PC tide turning? The case of Jeff Sessions this time

Jeff Sessions...the next US Attorney General

The Left Power Elite doubles down on its attack on 'Deplorables'. But is that such a smart idea? Here Tucker Carlson easily exposes a would-be PC hit man as a total fraud:

More on Jeff Sessions:

Thursday 17 November 2016

Keith Ellison: PC Identitarianism vs Freedom

Keith Ellison

Peter Kotz argues, wrongly I think, that the issue with Keith Ellison is that he is a Muslim per se. Even then, Kotz acknowledges that Ellison has a radical Islamic past:

My opinion, at least, is that the Democratic Party - like so many Progressive entities in the West - has been co-opted by PC Identitarianism. Their idea "diversity" is entirely flawed. They cannot help themselves:

Everybody who belongs to their Rainbow of Discontents (Ellison et al) gets a free pass; everybody who opposes them (Steven Bannon et al) is an anti-Semite, racist, fascist, white supremacist, mysoginist, xenophobe.

Here, by the way, is a critique of Ellison very different from Kotz's. It was written in 2010 and comes from the Middle East Forum

This might be interesting, too:

Obama waking up to Erdogan? A little bloody late.

Why has President Obama taken so long to wake up to Erdogan:

Here is something I wrote in October 2015. I don't think President Obama read it:

Tuesday 15 November 2016

It is disingenuous to call a defender of Israel anti-Semitic

It might not be anti-Semitic - depending on the circumstances - to label someone anti-Semitic for criticising Israel, but surely it is darkly duplicitous to call someone who defends Israel, and will help guide America towards the official recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel, as anti-Semitic. David P. Goldman is spot on:

Indeed, the boot is on the other foot:

And this from 2014:     

UK Internet provider blocks Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes is a sensible and reasonable scholar. This is outrageous:

Monday 14 November 2016

The modern-day Left is never wrong

Some clown...the guy on the right, of course

Lefties are not only ideologically wrong but also, well, wrong: 

Saturday 12 November 2016

Protesters come out against democracy

Where is the love?(Courtesy of the New York Times)

The totalitarian impulse of the modern-day Left manifests itself in a fourth consecutive night of protests against democracy:

Thursday 10 November 2016

The New Republican Party

We will find many more articles like this one: The New Republican Party | The American Spectator

American is in the midst of a populist insurrection. It is a Second American Revolution. And it will not stop. In fact, it is just the beginning. From a modern-day leftist point of view it is a counter-revolution. From my anti-PC point of view, I would say it is a revolution in the spirit of 1776, Europe 1848, Russia February/March 1917, and so on. People who characterize themselves as "conservative" could be on either side depending on what position they have taken or now choose to take, because Trump's victory is a populist uprising and not a conservative per se uprising. George W. Bush etc have definitely put themselves on the anti-revolution side of history. Paul Ryan - awkwardly - is now trying to get aboard the Trump Train. Donald J. Trump was not how I imagined the walls of PC hell would be transcended. I imagined maybe an eagle soaring over our prison walls. Trump is a dump-truck that has come to smash our prison gate off its hinges. One joins (or not) a revolution as one finds it. The New Republican Party will be a very different entity than it has been in the past. In that, for sure, the article is accurate.

Mark Steyn: "When everyone's Hitler, nobody's Hitler"

Long Live the Clinton-Wall Street-Hollywood-MSM-Corporate-Washington Ruling Class!

The faux anarchists are out on the streets in America protesting against democracy. Pointedly, many thinking anarcho-libertarians who opposed the Establishment or Left Ruling Class, such as Julian Assange, worked against Hillary Clinton. Here, in any case, is Mark Steyn:

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi & Donald J. Trump: a potentially significant development in the Long War

President-Elect Trump met with President El-Sisi in September of this year

President El-Sisi was the first world leader to congratulate Donald Trump on his presidential victory:

Here is a clueless CNN reporter asking el-Sisi questions after the September meeting with Trump:

Here is clueless Vox attacking el-Sisi as a murderer:  Vox, of course, leaves out the fact that most of those who were killed belonged to the totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood organisation, which currently runs a full-scale terrorist operation in Egypt.

For some background, if you are interested, is my 2013 article on the rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood: article on the rise and fall of the Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood:

President Obama's involvement in the Long War, we might note, has been catastrophic:

And here is the totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood calling Donald Trump's win a victory for racism:

American voters have gone rogue [February, 2016]

I m happy to reprise my article, "Battlers against the System", which was written more than a month ago and published in the November 2016 edition of Quadrant. From the start of the year I had been writing that 2016 was shaping up to be the year of a populist revolt in America. Australia's ABC Drum, which still left the window slightly open for a contrarian view at the time, published two of my articles on this theme early in the year. Firstly, in February 2016, "The American voters have gone rogue": and then, in March 2016, "Who is to blame for Donald Trump?":  [I should only add that my title was "How to explain Donald Trump"] There were many other commentators, of course, who tried to understand the trend and its meaning and got it right. Well done to all of them. It is astonishing to me that PC commentators, who got everything wrong including Trump's defeat, still get big corporate money to write their tosh - sorry, commentaries - after that have been proven to be empty heads. Well, at least I made some money backing Trump at 5/1 the day before the election. I am not a gambler as such but wanted to prove a point. I was not absolutely certain he would win, and yet 5/1 showed that even the bookies were brainwashed by Mainstream Media propaganda.

What do PC pundits know about reality? What do PC celebrities know about reality?

What do PC pundits know? What do celebrities know? Nothing. Why? Because they are part of the Left Power Elite and have been brainwashed by PC ideology:   

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Do you hear the people sing?

To the ordinary, freedom-loving people of America:

For all of you who have no idea why the the Second American Revolution has taken place, and why its job is to defeat PC-Identitarianism, maybe this article will be of some assistance:

Sunday 6 November 2016

WikiLeaks: CNN-DNC Collusion

WikiLeaks provides yet more evidence of collusion between the Mainstream Media and the Democratic Party. What is wrong with these people? Do they really believe in a one-party state?

The FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation continues

The FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation itself is not over:

Corruptibles vs Deplorables

President Obama assures illegal aliens that they will not be prosecuted for voting fraud:

Donald Trump: Odds-on favourite or 2% chance of winning?

Here is Bill Still explaining why Donald Trump is odds-on to win Tuesday's election:

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post believes Donald Trump has only a 2% chance of winning:

Saturday 5 November 2016

Even the New Yorker....

Bill Clinton and Doug Band

While championing Chelsea Clinton's integrity/naivety, the New Yorker inadvertently explains why Bill Clinton is the opposite of a victim:

This is a complementary piece on Doug Band/Clinton Foundation in Zero Hedge

The Top 100 WikiLeaks

Here is a helpful tabulation to get a quick overview:

Friday 4 November 2016

650,000 Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's computer explained

To know why 650,000 Hillary Clinton emails ended up on Anthony Weiner's computer read Teddy Crider's explanation, which is to be found half way through Mark Steyn's latest column:

The above is useful as background when watching Trey Gowdy's response to the FBI's discovery:

Are you listening, Obama? Erdogan arrests parliamentary opposition

It is time the West recognised that Erdogan is an enemy in the War of Freedom (or the Third World War):

Here, by the way, is Obama's delusional speech to the Turkish Parliament in 2009:

Thursday 3 November 2016

Why didn't Obama nip Ottoman Empire fantasy in the bud?

Sultan Erdogan

The Neo-Ottoman Empire fantasy should have been given short shrift by President Obama: One more "contribution" to world peace by the worst president in the history of the United States.

Trump and Clinton offer diverse Middle East scenarios

You don't have to agree with everything in Debka to appreciate its capacity to make you think:

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Commentary on Anonymous' Huma Abedin video

Here is the link to the video: 

The sentence "You can no longer deny that Hillary Clinton is actively working with a global movement whose goal is to destroy Western civilization" is obscure in its meaning, deliberately so perhaps. I do not think Hillary Clinton's goal "is to destroy destroy Western civilization for the selfish benefit of money and power" but that will be the direction things will head if she does come to power. If we start with Obama: one does not have to believe he is a Muslim or a Muslim Brotherhood member to explain his foreign policy debacle. As I have often written, President Obama appears to have sincerely believed that political Islam (the non-violent version of Islamic revivalism) would serve as an antidote to violent Islamic revivalism (Salafi jihadism). Alas, the two entities might be rivals at times but what they share in common as "brothers in doctrine" outweighs their differences in crucial cases - and certainly people graduate form one to the other, and so there is a continuum on that level as well. The phenomenon is explained here:  I think Obama's miscalculation/naivety can be explained by his modern-day leftist ideology. I think the same goes for Hillary Clinton up to a point. While she shares the same lust for power and ideology of Obama, I think there is an extra venality and moral corruption associated with Clinton Inc. For Huma Abedin, on the other hand, everything she has done, including her marriage (though not its bizarre fall-out), would make the Cambridge Five very proud.

The PC brigade murder comedy

This is an interesting critique of the state of television comedy today: