Wednesday 30 December 2020

Aussie Flights to Nowhere from 'Salisbury Review', Winter 2020-21


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Thursday 24 December 2020

Wednesday 9 December 2020

18 States Join Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit [This entry is disputed and might be misleading]


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Again, please note, the article you link to is disputed and might be misleading! 😄🙈

Daryl McCann's December 12 Cover Story for Spectator Australia

The new Spectator Australia is coming out tomorrow!

Buying Australian Wine in the UK


The CCP regime has declared economic war on Australia and so this entry, and hopefully some more along these lines, will see me playing some small part in the resistance against China's communist politburo. I have no financial investment in any Australian wine company but am, as an Adelaide chum, a little partisan towards South Australian wines. This is not necessarily a bad thing given that S.A. produces more than 50% of Australia's wine. I am kicking off with Shaw and Smith only because on the weekend my wife and I enjoyed a Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills. It was fabulous. Just so you Brits reading this know that you are not being ripped off, here is an advertisement from a local Adelaide wine mart:

Okay, so let me do a dollars-pounds conversion of $29.99 per bottle for you:

So, the difference is less than a £1 to ship it (or fly it) all the way from South Australia. That's a pretty good deal, I would say.

If you buy the Sauvignon Blanc, tell me what you think.