Wednesday 29 June 2016

Tuesday 28 June 2016

The House Select Committee on Benghazi: "Nothing, nothing wrong...nothing, nothing wrong" (Part 2)

This is President Obama - sorry, President Reagan - receiving a daily intelligence briefing

Barrack Obama, tell us it's not true you skipped your daily intelligence briefing the day after the Second 9/11:

The House Select Committee on Benghazi: "Nothing, nothing wrong...nothing, nothing wrong"

President Obama getting "nothing, nothing wrong" on September 25, 2012 

Why was President Obama going on about an "ugly" video in his September 25. 2012, remarks about the so-called Arab Spring and the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Look for any mention of radical Islamic terrorism; look for any coherent understanding of what happened at Benghazi and what was unfolding in the Middle East at the time:

It is fun reading Democratic Party media sites downplaying the findings of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. They cover the range of tactics to avoid the crushing obvious - including the disinformation spread by the Obama administration, including the Secretary of State Clinton, in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. The various sites talk of "no bombshell" and the Committee's "partisanship", which Hillary Clinton continues to claim she did "nothing, nothing wrong":   

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Russia's Sputnik Criticises Islamic Republic's Hijab

Take that, Islamic Republic Religious Fascist Police!

Is there a shift going on here that we don't know about? Moscow Sputnik site is criticising the Islamic Republic's oppression of women:

Here is a link to a site about freedomist Iranian fashion last year:

The Kangaroo and the Lion Reprised

I am proud to see "The Kangaroo and the Lion" now published both in The Salisbury Review and at Quadrant Online: 

Saturday 18 June 2016

'Lone-wolf' terrorists, not so alone

Here is an investigative piece by Paul Sperry, for the New York Post, that describes the wider connections amongst home-grown American terrorists:

For a more in-depth study of the problem, Stephen Coughlin's book is a good place to start:

Friday 17 June 2016

The Syrian Democratic Forces enter western Manbij

Kitab Square, western Manbij
The War of Freedom advances on one front at least, with the secularist SDF apparently capturing Kitab Square in western Manbij (Manbic) on Friday evening: 

Thursday 16 June 2016

History will judge Barack Obama savagely

Barack Obama in Berlin, 2008: History will judge him him savagely (if the West survives) 

Barack Obama's foreign policy has been catastrophic and tantrums will not disguise the fact:

Shocking accusation: The West, the Gulf States & Turkey were supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2012

President Erdogan and President Obama

Could it be possible, as this secret intelligence document discloses, that President Obama supported Al Qaeda in Iraq (IQI) back in 2012 as a means of opposing Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government? And, if so, would not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been aware of this insane enterprise? You be the judge:

Some interesting background reading. Seymour M. Hersh always claimed that it was Syrian Opposition that used poison gas against civilians: Most people find this hard to believe; and yet his assertion that Obama was tight with Erdogan who, in turn, was tight with the Nusra Front and other Salafi-Jihadist militias has the ring of truth about it.

Here is something I wrote about these things in 2014:   

Sunday 12 June 2016

Tanveer Ahmed: "...religiosity among the young may be dangerous and an indicator of distress"

Tanveer Ahmed

Read this important piece, from the June edition of Quadrant magazine, by Bangladeshi-born Australian psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed:

Islamic Terrorism Hits Florida

Go this this site and learn how the "lone-wolf terrorism" in Florida is part of a global phenomenon: 

We are in the middle of a war that our political leaders refuse to acknowledge, let alone name. Our deepest sympathies for all those who have been murdered and all those suffering right now:   

Saturday 11 June 2016

On the Road with the Syrian Democratic Forces

The Syrian Democratic Forces

Here is a very recent documentary from Sky News on the Syrian Democratic Forces:

Scandal #5: Passages from Clinton's "Hard Choices" vanish into the Memory Hole

When you think about it, maybe it is not a case of 100 different Clinton scandals but just one overarching H & B Clinton Scandal. Consider the Orwellian re-writing of her memoir Hard Choices now it appears in paperback. I am sure Hillary Clinton has made "hard choices" in her life, but perhaps more of the Faustian than the noble variety: 

How not to defeat Donald Trump #19

Before Google was called out on it, an enquiry about "When was Hitler born" came up with a link to Donald Trump 

Google is sounding weirder by the day:

Friday 10 June 2016

How not to defeat Donald Trump #18

Say it isn't so, Google:

Brexit Surges!

Courtesy of the Sun newspaper:

Even the Independent has to acknowledge it:

Scandal #4: Lying to the Benghazi parents

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton at the ceremony for the Benghazi victims, September 14, 2012 (Courtesy AP)

You be the judge. It is interesting to read an apologia for Clinton -  - before considering this:

P.S. The broader picture, often ignored, is that President Obama, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, built his foreign policy reputation on the promise that he would save the world from Salafi-jihadism by reaching out to activist and quietist Salafists. Obama reached out to Turkey's Islamist strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in 2009. He also terminated Osama bin Laden with extreme prejudice in 2011 and removed the last U.S. forces from Iraq in late 2011.

Obama had, in his own New Left mind, removed the reason for terrorism. And so we come to the 2012 presidential election cycle, especially on the anniversary of 9/11. At that time, from the Obama Team's perspective, there was no longer any reason for terrorism. The One we had been waiting for had arrived and now the world was healing. Obama had, in other words, declared peace on the world.

Benghazi, according to such a PC narrative, could only be the result of anti-Muslim provocation - in this case, an obscure online video made by an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in America. However, the reality of Benghazi was that Salafi-jihadism remained alive and well. This destroyed the foreign policy credibility of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

No wonder Obama and Clinton were keen to bang on about the online video's "sin of provocation". President Obama did so in an address to the United Nations days after Benghazi. You see, to enter into any other kind of narrative would have undermined his re-election campaign and refuted radical ideology. Some can disagree but common sense tells me that "Lying to the Benghazi parents" deserves its place as Scandal #4.

Clinton apologists will fight hard to demean the parents as liars, because if the relatives are telling the truth - and why would they lie? - then it casts a dark shadow over Hillary Clinton. Not just for this lie, of course, but the failure to protect these Americans' children in the first place. That is, clearly, a double crime committed against "the Benghazi parents". The crime goes onto a third-level of duplicity when we consider that the parents have not only lost their children thanks to Clinton, and then been lied to by Clinton, but then defamed by her on top of that. Truly astonishing.  


Scandal #3: Dolly Kyle

Lady Macbeth: "look like the flower,/But be the serpent under't" (1.5.65-66)

The story of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth-like nature of the Clintons' marriage begins with the Dolly Kyle story:

Manbij Surrounded!

Here is the latest in the Battle for Manbij:

Scandal #2: H. Clinton officially faces a criminal investigation

The "security inquiry" is now acknowledged, even by President Obama, to be a "criminal investigation"  

I cannot believe the Democratic Party, and now Barack Obama, would endorse a person under official criminal investigation. Well, on second thoughts, maybe I can: 

Scandal #1: The Clinton University

This is shocking beyond belief:

Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Kangaroo and the Lion

Courtesy of the Telegraph:

From the Winter 2016 edition of the Salisbury Review:

The Boris Johnson-led Brexit campaign, according to naysayers such as Nick Clegg, is based on “a sentimental, nostalgic vision of Britannia, proud and independent, ruling the waves once again.” Clegg has it entirely wrong. Enlightened patriotism is sweeping the world, from Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s post-Muslim Brotherhood Egypt to Germany’s freedomist AfD movement. If the people of the United Kingdom were to declare unilateral independence from Euroland on June 23 they would find themselves on the cutting edge of contemporary political evolution.

Monday 6 June 2016

Why was this article on Donald Trump by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian not published?

Nobody wanted to publish this article by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian, and yet I think it makes a whole lot of interesting points made nowhere else. It more or less fits my "How not to defeat Donald Trump" series as well. I now post it here at Daryl McCann Online:

The Sultan of Turkey helps drive the Leave vote!

Who - other than Barack Obama or Ahrar ash-Sham - would want to be in any kind of alliance with Islamist Turkey? Not the British voter it seems:

Why has the Muslim Brotherhood's Erdoğan been your point man in the Middle East, Obama?

The worst president in the history of the United States with the worst ever Turkish president 

There are so many ways in which Turkey's Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip  Erdoğan, is destroying his country because of his Muslim Brotherhood ideology:

And look at this:

And this:

Saturday 4 June 2016

How not to defeat Donald Trump #17

Courtesy of Noah Berger/Associated Press

Look at how effortlessly Breibart, a site that is pro-Trump these days, effortlessly turns anti-Trump invective into pro-Trump sympathy. Why do anti-Trump commentators disparage Trump supporters in such ugly terms? It remains a mystery to me:

Turkey's Salafi-jihadist allies strike back against the Kurds in Allepo

Courtesy of Valcrij Sharifulin & Tass

In response to the likely fall of Manjib, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Salafi-jihadist allies in Syria are attempting to punish the Kurds in Allepo and, perhaps, to create a new corridor between Raqqa and Turkey: 

Brexit gains momentum

Promising news:

The Battle for Manbij

May 31st, 2016

June 4th, 2016

The amazing graphic:

The Islamic State in Libya

Courtesy of Gene Thorp & the Washington Post

Here is a report on the Islamic State in Sirte, Libya:

Friday 3 June 2016

The Brexit edition of the Salisbury Review is out now!

I have made a small contribution to the Brexit campaign. Here are some extracts from the new Brexit-enthused edition of the Salisbury Review:

The Azaz-Jarabulus Corridor (Part XII)

The SDF/YPG crossing a red line - no sorry, crossing the Euphrates River

The liberation of Manbij in northern Syria (in the Azaz-Jarabulus Corridor) is back on the agenda:

On the same initiative:

Thursday 2 June 2016

How not to defeat Donald Trump #16

Anti-Trump demonstrator on American soil (inadvertently) makes the case for Donald Trump

Anti-American leftists are making Donal Trump's case for him in San Jose today:

Wednesday 1 June 2016

How not to defeat Donald Trump #15

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Michael Wolff tries a new way to attack Trump in this piece for The Hollywood Reporter - that is, insinuate that Trump himself does not even believe in his "Dark Heart" politics and suggest that the whole Trump phenomenon - at least for Trump himself - is a reality television show and nothing more. Unfortunately, this is just another way of disparaging Trump's populist programme in this Year of the People without addressing or critiquing those policies. Give us something more insightful next time, Michael Wolff:

What, exactly, doesn't Barack Obama get about Turkey's millennialist madman?

The Sunni supremacist is at it again:
Here, by the way, is a good piece on the subject by James Petras from December 2015: