Thursday 3 September 2015

Australian writer demands right of reply to New York York Times slur against the Australian people

The New York Times is being racist against Australians

      Does the New York Times newspaper WANT people to drown on the high seas? The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected in 2013, has closed down the People Smuggling Industry (Australia division) and saved arguably 1,200 lives. This is the estimated number of people who drowned during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor-Greens era in Australia (2007-13). One Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, responded to the growing number of people drowning on the high seas when her party was in a coalition government with the Australian Labor Party, with this line: "Tragedies happen. Accidents happen". Instead of acknowledging Abbott's policy has saved good people from drowning, the New York Times is actually attacking Australia's leader! I invite my American readers to complain to the New York Times forthwith. Please, write to them and demand that I be given a right of reply. Here is the offending article:
       And here is an article I wrote on the subject for Quadrant magazine:
      Here is a piece I penned for the British magazine Salisbury Review