Monday 12 September 2016

The Atlantic's Ta-Neshini Coates: Hillary Clinton did not go far enough with her "basket of deplorables" slander!

Ta-Nehisi Coates is national correspondent for The Atlantic and yet he believes the term "politically incorrect" means "harsh"! Not only did the editors of a famous magazine allow this guy to make such a mistake, they included it in the headline: In contemporary parlance, at least, "political correctness" applies - or, if you like,  misapplies - to the Left, as evidenced by the slogan above. It is a pejorative, of course, and so leftists are within their rights to reject the label - but to define "politically incorrect" as simply "harsh" is astonishing and demonstrates an ignorance of the ideological struggle occurring throughout the West. Coates calling Hillary Clinton "politically incorrect" for libelling her opponents as a "basket of deplorables" does not make any sense, since those in the basket are politically incorrect! There was a time when leftists tried to turn the PC monicker back against conservatives with the term "conservative correctness". It didn't gain any traction. Now they go for racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, "you name it".

Finally, how can we believe Coates' wild accusations and false assumptions if he cannot get his basic terminology right? It is like employing someone to commentate at a premier league fixture who does not know the rules of soccer. Such a writer cannot even begin to be fair (or insightful), and the editors of The Atlantic must believe their readers are too brainwashed/uninformed to understand the background and context. One final point: any reasonable commentator, on either side of the political fence, acknowledges that Donald Trump belongs in the anti-Iraq War camp. There are valid criticisms Ta-Nehisi Coates could make of Donald Trump, or any political aspirant for that matter, so why build your anti-Trump case on a falsehood?