Tuesday 1 November 2016

Commentary on Anonymous' Huma Abedin video

Here is the link to the video: 

The sentence "You can no longer deny that Hillary Clinton is actively working with a global movement whose goal is to destroy Western civilization" is obscure in its meaning, deliberately so perhaps. I do not think Hillary Clinton's goal "is to destroy destroy Western civilization for the selfish benefit of money and power" but that will be the direction things will head if she does come to power. If we start with Obama: one does not have to believe he is a Muslim or a Muslim Brotherhood member to explain his foreign policy debacle. As I have often written, President Obama appears to have sincerely believed that political Islam (the non-violent version of Islamic revivalism) would serve as an antidote to violent Islamic revivalism (Salafi jihadism). Alas, the two entities might be rivals at times but what they share in common as "brothers in doctrine" outweighs their differences in crucial cases - and certainly people graduate form one to the other, and so there is a continuum on that level as well. The phenomenon is explained here:  I think Obama's miscalculation/naivety can be explained by his modern-day leftist ideology. I think the same goes for Hillary Clinton up to a point. While she shares the same lust for power and ideology of Obama, I think there is an extra venality and moral corruption associated with Clinton Inc. For Huma Abedin, on the other hand, everything she has done, including her marriage (though not its bizarre fall-out), would make the Cambridge Five very proud.