Monday 21 November 2016

Long live the Great Bohemian Cultural Revolution!

Afore ye go...

Actors have a right to say whatever they want: That said, perform your play for a paying audience and then get out of their face. Soviet actors would have loved the American possibility of putting on a show without having to bend the knee to a totalitarian ideology. Art for art's sake! Now these particular American actors can't stop themselves from giving an audience the benefit of their soft-totalitarian PC ideology. Besides, if you can't make your point with your art form  - be it poetry, music, fiction or whatever - don't delay us from the fresh air with your prosaic explanations. Last year I watched the NT's "live" version of Hamlet at a local cinema before vainly attempting to escape as Benedict Cumberbatch hectored us, post-production, with his views on the state of the world. Save it for the Graham Norton Show, my friend. While we're at it, here's a review of Cumberbatch's performance (before the hectoring):