Thursday 10 November 2016

The New Republican Party

We will find many more articles like this one: The New Republican Party | The American Spectator

American is in the midst of a populist insurrection. It is a Second American Revolution. And it will not stop. In fact, it is just the beginning. From a modern-day leftist point of view it is a counter-revolution. From my anti-PC point of view, I would say it is a revolution in the spirit of 1776, Europe 1848, Russia February/March 1917, and so on. People who characterize themselves as "conservative" could be on either side depending on what position they have taken or now choose to take, because Trump's victory is a populist uprising and not a conservative per se uprising. George W. Bush etc have definitely put themselves on the anti-revolution side of history. Paul Ryan - awkwardly - is now trying to get aboard the Trump Train. Donald J. Trump was not how I imagined the walls of PC hell would be transcended. I imagined maybe an eagle soaring over our prison walls. Trump is a dump-truck that has come to smash our prison gate off its hinges. One joins (or not) a revolution as one finds it. The New Republican Party will be a very different entity than it has been in the past. In that, for sure, the article is accurate.