Tuesday 2 December 2014

All perpetrated under Rudd & Gillard administrations

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has - finally - investigated some of the horror that resulted from the Australian Labor Party's partially open-door policy (2007-13):  
As I wrote in the July 2014 edition of Quadrant: "There are, to repeat, only two moral options available on the subject of the people-smuggling industry and the deaths of innocent people on the high seas. You can be an anti-bourgeois bohemian internationalist and demand our border control regime be minimized to such an extent that there no longer remains grounds for the middleman, the people-smuggler, to ply his trade. Conversely, you can adopt a comprehensive border protection program: offshore processing facilities; towing-back procedures; a degree of secrecy to foil the calculations of people-smugglers; and, not least, a strong determination to carry out the policy." The ALP, tragically, chose a third way and much suffering ensued. See the whole article: