Friday, 27 February 2015

The Late Boris Nemtsov: "If you support stopping Putin's agression, come to the Spring March in Maryino on 1 March."

Attractive (personality-wise) Boris Nemtsov and Unattractive (personality-wise) Vladimir Yeltsin 

In the War of Freedom, Vladimir Putin is not on our side. That is not to say, of course, that freedom-loving Russians, such as (the now murdered) Boris Nemtsov are not on freedom's side. They are more on the side of freedom than the pissy - excuse the language - so-called conservatives in the West who apologise for KGB-man Vladimir Putin as a defender of Western civilisation. Big bloody joke! Here are a couple of articles I have written on KGB-man Putin:   and
And here, courtesy of the BBC, is the latest chapter in the homicidal life and times of KGB-man Vladimir Putin, a very short and unattractive (personality-wise) character who reminds me more of Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan with every passing day: If only the the civilised world knew how to "nip in the bud" the evil machinations of unloved, provincial, anti-Semitic, introverted, diminutive, furtive-but-unintelligent, personality-challenged, uncomfortable-with-women, unattractive (personality-wise only, please) fellows, what a lot of bother we could avoid. At any rate, I now chose to refer to myself as a freedomist rather than conservative. Cheers!