Friday 10 September 2021

9/11 Mission: Twenty Years On


Here is my 9/11 commemorative piece for Quadrant magazine (September, 2021):

This recent column for Spectator Australia might also be apt:

Here, believe it or not, is something on this theme published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2016:

Past Quadrant article on the Muslim Brotherhood: 

Previous article on Bernard Lewis:

Last year's essay on the Abraham Accords: 

Here is an article on Zionophobia: 

My essay about the contemporary relevance of Nazi ideology and 9/11: 

Obama vs Trump on the Middle East:

Defeating Islamic Revivalism in the Battle of Ideas:

Defeating Islamic Revivalism in military battles:

The Long War comes to Lebanon:

PC orthodoxy & Radical Islamic Terrorism:

The Obama Doctrine vs Reality:

Obama's Legacy:

U.S. Elections & the Long War:

On Richard Landes & The Millennial Psychosis:

How the Left became Anti-Semitic: 

Why the West's progressive intellectuals cannot distinguish between Muslims per se and Radical Islamic Politics: 

The House of Freedom: 

Enlightened Patriotism:

You can't say I haven't tried!