Wednesday, 9 November 2016

American voters have gone rogue [February, 2016]

I m happy to reprise my article, "Battlers against the System", which was written more than a month ago and published in the November 2016 edition of Quadrant. From the start of the year I had been writing that 2016 was shaping up to be the year of a populist revolt in America. Australia's ABC Drum, which still left the window slightly open for a contrarian view at the time, published two of my articles on this theme early in the year. Firstly, in February 2016, "The American voters have gone rogue": and then, in March 2016, "Who is to blame for Donald Trump?":  [I should only add that my title was "How to explain Donald Trump"] There were many other commentators, of course, who tried to understand the trend and its meaning and got it right. Well done to all of them. It is astonishing to me that PC commentators, who got everything wrong including Trump's defeat, still get big corporate money to write their tosh - sorry, commentaries - after that have been proven to be empty heads. Well, at least I made some money backing Trump at 5/1 the day before the election. I am not a gambler as such but wanted to prove a point. I was not absolutely certain he would win, and yet 5/1 showed that even the bookies were brainwashed by Mainstream Media propaganda.