Thursday 17 November 2016

Keith Ellison: PC Identitarianism vs Freedom

Keith Ellison

Peter Kotz argues, wrongly I think, that the issue with Keith Ellison is that he is a Muslim per se. Even then, Kotz acknowledges that Ellison has a radical Islamic past:

My opinion, at least, is that the Democratic Party - like so many Progressive entities in the West - has been co-opted by PC Identitarianism. Their idea "diversity" is entirely flawed. They cannot help themselves:

Everybody who belongs to their Rainbow of Discontents (Ellison et al) gets a free pass; everybody who opposes them (Steven Bannon et al) is an anti-Semite, racist, fascist, white supremacist, mysoginist, xenophobe.

Here, by the way, is a critique of Ellison very different from Kotz's. It was written in 2010 and comes from the Middle East Forum

This might be interesting, too: