Tuesday 13 December 2016

"The future of feminism" now plays the victim card

Camille Paglia: "Madonna is the future of feminism" (1990)

If you read between the lines of this YouTube piece you will see why Madonna, who was given an academic/intellectual boost by Camille Paglia in the early days of Madonna's career, has now turned on Paglia. Paglia loved Madonna and what she represented. She said so much about her at the time. But Paglia, though a lifelong Democrat, was weary of the feminist movement turning into an arm of the Democratic Party & PC rectitude. Now Madonna has become 'political' in the narrow, pro-Democratic Party sense, it is only logical for her to turn against Paglia. Shame. Camille Paglia is is right to defend herself: It is travesty that the Madonna we knew is now playing the victim card.