Wednesday 23 December 2015

A No-Go Conspiracy Zone

Courtesy of The Onion

Here is another in my pre-Christmas 2015 "Oldies But Whatever" series:

I tend not to believe in conspiracy theories. On a very small scale, perhaps, a conspiracy might work, but when you get beyond a handful of people - not so likely. On the 49th anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy I decided to start researching the conspiracy AND anti-conspiracy theories and have an essay ready for the 50th anniversary in November 2013.

A number of conspiracists corresponded with me in late 2013 complaining that I had had overlooked some new "theory" on the matter. Alas, their insight completely contradicted the position of the previous or the next correspondent. To quote (or paraphrase) Dire Straits: "Two men say they're Jesus/One of them must be wrong". All I could say to the conspiracists back then was go read Vincent Bugliosi's expansive Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F Kennedy (2007) and then get back to me. None of them did. Latter-day religions come in very different shapes and sizes and belief is always a strange thing.

That said, I do not rule out the possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald hoped to impress Cuba's Fidel Castro by terminating with extreme prejudice John Kennedy. It is also not impossible that LHO was on his way to a regional Dallas airport with flight connections to Havana when he was approached by Officer J. D. Tippett. None of this, of course, constitutes a conspiracy theory. It is just what the little wanker "Marxist" sociopath fantasist would do! By the way, here is a link to Helen Markham's eyewitness account of LHO murdering Officer J. D. Tippett: Obviously, Helen Markham is a CIA- FBI-Zionist-Mafia-Teamster-LBJ plant. [Conspiracists-of-the-world, including Mr Oliver Stone, I am only kidding.]

An important point about conspiracists is this: if you buy into one of their theories then the guilty party and victim become, at the very least, muddled. Justice, in other words, is not served by "Twilight Zone" thinking.  

You may click on this link for the 2013 article: