Monday 21 December 2015

Terry Eagleton: Quincy McGoo

Quincy McGoo

Okay, it is coming up to Christmas 2015 and every day remaining (if I remember) I will post one of my early pieces:

The following is a link to an essay I wrote about Terry Eagleton's 2011 book Why Marx Was Right (2011). Let me make it very clear right now, I do not engage in ad hominem attacks and I believe there is not a single sentence in my article that attacks the persona of Terry Eagleton. All right, "malignant Quincy McGoo" might a little sharp and, in retrospect, a simple "Quincy McGoo" allusion would do. No doubt Eagleton is a good fellow and that we could down a couple of dark ales in a pub anywhere in the world (that allowed such a thing) and get on like a house on fire. That said, the very idea "that Marx was right" is so problematic that I just had to review his book back in 2011. I say this as someone who is an ex-Marxist and a non-communist rather than anti-communist, AND who demands that the Islamo-fascist Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-start negotiations with the communalist-confederalist Abdullah Ocalan. About this article I should also add that the title Quadrant magazine gave it is perfect - The Opium of Terry Eagleton. One other point is that the fabulous Arts and Letters Daily selected the essay in October 2011 to post on their site, which provided me with an international audience for the first time. Respect: the link is on the left-hand-side of this blog. So here is the article: